TH-13B Doubling winding machine

  • Types of winding:precision winding/Electronic winding
  • Package shape:Freely Programmable
  • Traverse length:150-230mm
  • Take-up package diameter:180 to 200mm
  • Package weight:up to 2-3kg
  • Tensioner device:Electronic magnet tensioner
  • Layout:single sided machine
  • Gauge:380mm

TH-13B Doubling winding machine.jpg


  • TH-13B Doubling winding machine, it's used to assemble winding 2-3 plys yarns into same cone, can used before TFO Twisting machine preparing using, also can used for knitting machine working, used magnet tensioner, so can make the yarn tension more steady, with computer control, so the operating working is more conveniently. each spindles working separately.