TH-15A Sewing Thread winding machine

  • Max. Take-up Dia.:φ160mm(according to the cone)
  • Max. winding speed:1000mtrs/min
  • Measurement(M^3):2250(L)×1050(W)×1650(H)mm
  • Pattern round number:2.5~4
  • Installed Power:280W×4
  • Machine weight:580kg

TH-15A Sewing Thread winding machine.jpg


Computer yarn-length measurement.
1. Yarn length measured by computer, accuracy +1%.
2. Yarn   speed adjustable, which from 400 to 1,000 meter/per minute.
Drum thread-guidance system
1. High speed, low noise drum.
2. Drum with special   hardened polish treatment, smooth & wear resist.
Automatic lubrications system.
1. Threads are being uniform lubricate, thanks to the constant yarn   speed, the oiling roller speed is adjustable.
2. Release the tension from   beginning to the end; it makes the winded package good appearances
3. LED   display easy operation.
Circulating oil device.
1. Keep always the full   level of oil to each spindle.
2. Big-scale return oil trough and oil fender   to filter without pollution and oil waste.
3. One oil filter is devoiced for   every oil wheel to reduce the oil slinging out.
4. One oil tank can supply   for the use of 24 spindles.
5. Detachable filter, easy to   clean.

  • TH-15A High speed Sewing thread winding machine(King Spois applicable for winding sewing thread ,   embroidery thread , nylon thread ,etc. This machine features availability of   computer-based separate control of each single spindle , a frequency –change   slotted spool yarn guide device , an electro-magnetic tension force control   system , a pump-based cycling –type oiling device , etc. characteristics of a   good shape formation , high efficiency , easy operation , assured safety and   reliability and broad applicability , etc..