TH-17 High speed Rewinding Machine

  • Types of winding:precision winding/Electronic winding
  • Package shape:Freely Programmable
  • Traverse length:155-210mm
  • Take-up package diameter:180 to 200mm
  • Package weight:up to 2-3kg
  • Supply package diameter:up to 320mm
  • Layout:single sided machine
  • Gauge:495mm

TH-17 High speed Rewinding Machine.jpg


  • TH-17 High speed yarn rewinding machine( Precision winding machine), it can used as cone to cone winding, also can do hank to cone winding, combined two functions into same one machine, so it's be more functional machine, and used widely, suit for winding like High stretch yarn, Nylon yarn, Polyester filament yarn, FDY, DTY, Muffer yarn, and etc. Each spindle working independently, so it's more easy to operate.