TH-12A Hank Reeling Machine

  • Types of winding:precision winding/Electronic winding
  • Package shape:Muffer package or hank type muffer
  • Traverse length:30-260mm
  • Take-up package diameter:220 to 450mm
  • Package weight:up to 2kg
  • Supply package diameter:up to 300 mm
  • Layout:single sided machine
  • Gauge:500mm

TH-12A Hank Reeling Machine.jpg



  • TH-12A Hank Reeling Machine, it's the High speed computerized type winding machine, used for winding yarns from Cone to hank, then the hank yarn for Dyeing, the Hank yarn dyeing can make the yarn dyeing more steady and well colored. mostly suit for like Nylon, High stretch yarn, FDY, DTY, Acrylic and etc. can working about 1000 Meter/min speed, it's the 3 times production than then ordinary type hank reeling machine. high efficiency, low consumption, the yarn easily dyed. no yarn break when high speed winding, so increase the yarn  more quality.